Devons for Sale

  • A2 Bulls
  • Bred Heifers and Cows
  • Young Females

We have Rotokawa and Lakota genetics along with A2 genetics.  

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“The Devon is naturally medium as a dairy cow, giving a fair quantity of very rich milk…As a beef animal the Devon is in first class. He fats readily, has compact bones and therefore small amount of waste and the flesh is of the finest quality and well laid on.”

How to Make the Farm Pay– 1869

A2 Milk and A2 Genetics:

“The BCM7 that is released from A1 beta-casein has been implicated in many illnesses including heart disease, Type 1 diabetes and autism. And there is increasing evidence that it is associated with milk intolerance and an additional range of auto-immune diseases. Metaphorically, it is the ʻdevil in the milkʼ. We don’t have to stop drinking cows’ milk to avoid this devil. But we do have to drink milk from cows that have been tested and found to be free of what is called the A1 variant (or ʻalleleʼ) of the beta-casein gene. Milk that is free of the A1 beta-casein is known as A2 milk.”

                                                                                     Author Keith Woodford,  Devil In The Milk